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PopItMania™ Anxiety Relief Game

PopItMania™ Anxiety Relief Game

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Are you sick of scrolling on TikTok all day? Do you want to improve your reflexes and focus?  Then the PopItMania was made for you.


🎉 Experience pure fidgeting joy with PopItMania™! 🎉 This ultimate interactive fidget toy banishes anxiety and brings relief to ADHD! Not only is it portable, but it is also durable and built with care, for young and old alike.

🧩 Endless Fun: Pop silicone bubbles for addictive playtime.

😌 Calm in Your Palm: Soothe your mind with calming play.

💪 Focus & Productivity: Improve concentration by redirecting restless energy.

🌈 Vibrant and Durable: Built to last with vibrant colors.

🎒 Portable Peace: Take tranquility wherever you go.

🌟 Elevate Your Fidget: The adventure of play, relaxation, and happiness!

Unlock smiles and stress-free moments with PopItMania™! 

Get yours now! 🌟

NOTE: PopItMania™ requires 3x AAA batteries to function, these are included with your package.

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Full Details In Writing

4 Different Modes: Checkpoint mode, memory mode, scoring mode, and multiplayer mode.

Checkpoint Mode/ Breakthrough Mode: There are 30 levels each with 5 small levels, to clear each level press the lighted buttons fast enough.

Memory Mode: There are 9 levels each with 5 small levels, this involves remembering the pattern and recreating it on the grid.

Scoring Mode: This is an endless mode where you pop the bubbles as they light up quickly enough, trying to get a high score.

Multiplayer Mode: This is also endless and involves you popping bubbles on the grid and passing to the next person when the arrow animation displays.


Product information:


Package Size:

200 x 180 x 30 mm

What Is Included

The package includes:

One PopItMania™

3x AAA batteries

1X Screwdriver

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Refunds, resends and returns will be conducted if the product is not up to our standards (incorrect, damaged, delayed etc) you may get a full refund before the order is processed (1-3 days)

PopItMania Tutorial

Relieves Stress And Anxiety

The PopItMania™ is proven to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, calm nerves, and improve focus.

Improves Vital Skills

PopItMania was made with not only entertainment in mind. This colorful toy's bubbly grid invites you to press and pop, improving fine motor skills and concentration. Remember patterns or create your own challenges, all while enjoying a satisfying sensory experience.

Endlessly Addictive

The PopItMania™ will get you off your phone, and immerse you into a new world of entertainment. Ideal for plane journeys and car trips, the PopItMania™ does not destroy your attention span nor rely on wifi signals.

Genuinely Worth It

At our price point of $18.99 USD, the PopItMania just makes sense. It’s countless hours of fun coupled with real-world benefits make it stand out as a worthy investment.